Manage the Transformation

Program & Project Management

Whether it is called Portfolio, Program or Project Management Office (PMO), whether it is enterprise-wide, strategic or departmental in scope, whether it is to facilitate business integration, the launch of a new product, address changing regulations or to drive total quality improvement: an effective PMO organizes and orchestrates the transformative change so necessary to today's businesses.

We help our clients create a sustainable, value-driven PMO. Partnering with Sapphire enables your organization to establish an optimized framework built on proven best practices, tools and templates. No matter the level of program maturity, we help our clients improve their PMO capabilities by assuring business value and the ability to make strategic, real-time decisions. We help you streamline the management of strategic initiatives and optimize requests, resources and budgets to the highest possible return.

Additionally, our clients acquire Just-in-Time program/project management experts, objective yet knowledgeable in their business, to augment their resource requirements as needed. Our professionals possess exceptional project management abilities coupled with demonstrated domain expertise, savvy business acumen and the neccessary soft skills to effectively fit in and deliver results.

There are many common challenges to building and maintaining a highly-effective PMO:

  • Inconsistent processes
  • Departmental silos
  • Misalignment to company strategy
  • Blurred lines of responsibility
  • Divided loyalties
  • Dysfunctional communication
  • Resistance to change
  • Burdensome overhead
  • Scope creep
  • Cost

At Sapphire, we start by objectively examining our clients' current state: all relevant cultural, technical, regulatory and methodology elements; we then assess risk/reward, prioritize and review with you the issues and opportunities; we then develop a road-map to your desired future state. Upon client acceptance, we establish the PMO framework working side-by-side with you to facilitate knowledge transfer and organization adoption. Together, we build a high-functioning PMO capable of managing programs and projects from inception to completion while maintaining focus on business value and the ability to adjust to change.

Our methods are scalable to fit any level of process maturity and level of organization (e.g. enterprise vs. departmental). Our work enables you to gain better control, establish greater agility and reduce costs by:

  • Centralizing the capture, approval and control of project requests
  • Aligning to business strategy and sustaining operations
  • Aggregating constituent expertise to prioritize and make informed decisions
  • Managing demand and capacity
  • Improving forecasting and resource planning
  • Providing real-time status and scoring (analytics & reporting)
  • Facilitating continuous process improvement

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